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Hi folks, I'm new here, but given the nature of my necessities, there's not much chance I'll be here all that often, an infrequent visitor, (infrevistor, hence). Please don't think I am being subsocial. ;-)

Ok, so, I'm imminently due to take possession of a new Orient Mako, (Blue), :) but given what I have read here and on other forums about the strap pins being prone to failure, I want to replace the bracelet with a custom made leather strap, (with better, stronger pins, obviously), BUT, I want the strap colour coordinated AND built as if Orient had designed it specifically for the Blue Mako, themselves. The thing is, I am very much on a budget, but HOPE to get the best bang for buck. If it helps, my budget is about £80, (appx $122) all in, (inc' postage etc) and I have a 7½ inch wrist.

Does anyone here want to offer some design ideas/sketches they'd be happy for me to use in a new strap, or are there any ideas from any strap makers here among us who'd be happy to discuss with me in PM, about making me a strap to my specifications? (Hey, Joe, are you listening? b-))

Oh, if it helps, I'm not a great fan of bright, wishy-washy, gaudy, overtly light and/or pale colours and especially not studs or jewels, (in short, no bling), so let's stick with rich, dark, mature colours with subtle HINTS of light, pale colours. I'm also keen to have the strap which is WIDER than the 22mm lugs it'd be connected to, (notched/shouldered), which possibly has a deployment clasp fitted, (which I could provide), and has some nice design elements, (perforations, coloured leather showing through the thin holes), in-lays, subtle metallic elements, thin, uniform/straight and machined stitching, rolled edges and some padding - also, it should be water-proofed - I thoroughly dislike wet straps or straps that are prone to permanent staining from sweat/salt.

Regarding the strap's fit to the watch - I want it to look as if the strap was a natural continuation of the watch from the lugs outward,. so, no simple piece of leather wrapped around the strap pin is acceptable. It's hard to explain,.. :-s I want it so that the strap starts off, (at the lugs), so it looks like it was a natural extension of the watch's lugs; thick, chunky but rapidly tapering off, (horizontal AND vertical axis), to the strap look we're all familiar with. Is this making any sense? I hope so,. :-!

I was contemplating getting a strap which had a series of tight popper fasteners, (say a column of 2 x 3 or a row of 6 to be used simultaneously), to hold it together - any pros/cons of this? Any thoughts?
Lastly, the Blue Mako looks great worn casually or with a smart suit; the strap should compliment the watch in the best way possible.

I'd love to see some of your design sketches - but please only do so if you're happy for me to use them in my strap. |>

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