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Hi All,

I am new to your site and although i wouldn’t call myself a watch enthusiast, I do love watches. My late father purchased a Seiko Quartz Divers 300M 7549 - 7010 watch when I was born. I had always love his watch and it was handed down to me.

The watch is still in good condition (given the quality and strength in construction I assume they all still are) excluding some surface scratches, which in my opinion adds character. There is an issue with the day dial, it seems to keep flicking from english to spanish and getting out of sync.

So... I took the watch to a master watch maker in the Sydney CBD and asked for info about the watch. I said that I would like to keep the watch going for as long as possible and fix the day dial. He said that because it is an electronic movement, eventually the circuit board would die and that would be it. He explained that you cannot buy a replacement circuit board. He went on to say that if it was an automatic movement this would not be the case.

My immediate thoughts were to purchase another 7549 watch and use the parts to fix the day dial and have a spare circuit board. Whilst this looks ok, eventually that circuit board would fail and i would be left without this amazing heirloom.

After reading through a number of blogs I realised that some members have figured out how to replace the movement in the 7549 with the automatic movement from the 6309 - 7040 or the 6309 - 7290. (although when I brought this up with the watchmaker he highly doubted it and check a whole heap of ‘printed sheets’ which apparently listed interchangeable movements, then mumbled something about how dodgy the internet was. Might need to find a watch maker that is a believer :))

This to me seems like a great solution to the problem. I am aiming to keep the watch as original as possible and I am hoping someone can provide some thought on my questions below.

  1. Based on the information above, would you agree that changing the movement is a good idea or could you suggest another thought?
  2. If yes, what is the best way to acquire the 6309 movement? (I am assuming ebay and buy the whole 6309 watch)
  3. What is the difference between the 6309-7040 and the 6309-7290?
  4. I have read that if you replace the movement the 7549 hands will not work and need to be replaced with the 6309 hands. Is this true or is it possible to keep the 7549 hands.
  5. Are there any negatives that you could see making this transition?
  6. Will the watch still be waterproof to 300M assuming the case seal is ok?
  7. Is the process relatively easy for a watchmaker, or do I need the grand master himself.
  8. The Crystal Glass face of the watch has some good scratching. I found an aftermarket Glass on ebay and thought I should replace it. What are your thoughts, is this a no no given it is not original? Does anyone know where to buy an original?
  9. If I was to proceed, I am giving the watch such a major overhaul, are there any other suggestions of things i should replace or modify?
Sorry for the length, I was hoping to give you as much information as possible so you could help me.

Kind regards,


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