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Affordable Watches for Women

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Hello all,

My Mom recently asked me to help her look for a new watch. She was interested in a Michael Kors watch but didn't want to spend much more than 100$. I also feel as though Michael Kors watches aren't very well made for their price. So my question to you all is what is a good quality women's watch for around 100$?

Any advice is much appreciated :)
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I don't normally bash too hard on fashion watch brands for women, but I've seen some bad quality issues with MK.

I think VSA and Citizen are solid choices. Citizen is probably more conservative while Victorinox is sufficiently conservative yet readable. It won't be on the extreme end of conservative for a ladies' watch though.

I'd also throw Bulova into the mix. They have good options right at the $100 price point. Seiko is fine as well but I haven't been as impressed by Seiko lately as I have with Bulova.
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