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Most watches that are branded "Women's" make me want to lose my lunch.

The concept of "women's watches" is a fake construct. Nothing prevents women from wearing regular watches.

And also this:

Look at mens seiko and orient instead of women's. Women's watches in this price range are 99% fashion watches that are very poorly made.
Many traditional sized men's watches make perfectly fine (and affordable) watches for women.


And size is not actually an issue; women wear G-Shocks just fine.

Or.. something vintage yet interesting. The below could be mistaken for a fashion watch, if it wasn't a 1980's Soviet mechanical designed for high legibility.

Or Swatch.. automatic if at all possible:

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None of these cost a lot of money, but are quite interesting and (dare I say it) more fashionable than a traditional ladies watch.. Those teeny tiny ones your grandmother used to wear.

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So it seems like what we've learned so far is the same thing that comes up in men's "what should I get?" threads, that the answer is "I don't know, what's your style?".

Big, small, fashionable, conservative, strap, bracelet, sporty, dressy, new, classic, "old", "young", 3hands, chrono, WR, steel, gold, aaaaagh!

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You can get some great vintage pieces for a song. A 14k gold hamilton with diamonds can often be stolen for around $130 (watch for the auctions, not the buy it now prices). Clean omegas can be found for not much more than that. The only gotcha is because they are smaller it costs a little more to service them.

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May not be your cup of tea, but my wife has taken a liking to a few offerings from Nixon altho I feel she doesn't like the color to strap combinations that come standard. Their watches have simple and contemporary blend that makes it easy to wear them both casually or formally should you choose. If you like this style, another company to look at is Skagen.

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Women in the know rarely buy Women's watches, except for Cartier.

The fact that most women wear women's watches means that they are not in the know and are yet to revolt and demand better.

Only Hong Kong women know better.
Interesting comment...

I remember my mother (who grew up in Hong Kong; never had a watch collection) talk about wanting a Swiss watch at one point (I was maybe in my teens?), and she mentioned some names which meant absolutely nothing to me at the time. They did get filed away somewhere in my memory though, and a number of decades later I realize, "Oh, those were the brands she was talking about...". And they were... Longines, Tissot, and Mido.
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