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Ahthenticity check

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Authenticity check
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Pictures are a little too blurry when zooming in. But at first glance nothing to me seems off about it. Crisp Dial and lettering, caseback looks clean as well. I think it looks good but also always advise to get the movement checked by a watchmaker

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Something's not right. A bit of a franken maybe. The first photo doesn't match the third, if you look at the case screws. The original as I know it should have stainless screws, where your top photo appears to have been... damaged/heavily scratched PVD? The internal dive bezel pip also appears off. Maybe it's just play off of the crystal, but off enough to make me think twice.
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First thing i noticed was the bottom left screw - PVD removed/scratched? That or someone has tried to open it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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