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I'm new on the forums, but it seems like the Air-King doesn't get enough love around here. So I thought I'd put up an Air-King owners club thread and see what happens...

When I decided I needed (NEEDED I say) a Rolex I started looked at the Datejust. But no matter how hard I looked nothing I saw "spoke to me." Then, randomly, I saw a photo of the Rolex Air-King 114234 with the silver face and orange Arabic numbers. The first thought that passed through my mind was, "That's a sexy watch." Not once had I said that about a Datejust.

After drooling over the watch for a couple of months Govberg had a great sale on a used Air-King with box and papers. It was literally Christmas Eve 2017. My wife was so tired of listening to me agonize over the watch and how good a deal it was that she bought it for me as a Christmas gift. I win!

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Analog watch Watch accessory Watch Fashion accessory Silver

Having owned the Air-King for about a year, I've realized that I love the simplicity of it. I can wear it casually or as a dress watch without any problem. And the lack of a date complication is a huge plus in my book. In fact I have since decided that I won't buy a watch WITH a date. The date breaks the symmetry of the watch face. (I really hate when the date is squeezed in between the four and five markers.)

This decision makes it a lot harder to find new watches that I need (NEED I say) to own. I did pick up a Longines Avigation Big Eye, which is another story of self torture. But this thread is supposed to be about Air-Kings... so, please, tell us your story. I'm particularly interested in how folks decided on buying the new Air-King. My mind still isn't made up on it...
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New today - perfectly wearable and not seen on every other wrist! I love this watch!


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