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Hi all,
I've been looking for a steel bracelet for the Alpha Milsub. The Nato was looking a bit beat up since I wear it everywhere (work, yardwork, sleep; no shower though).

I went with a $20 President solid steel link with regular clasp. I don't really like the invisible clasp design, like on Rolex or Tudors. For the price, it has quality issues but I was able to overcome them. First, the end-link may not align so well, but it's not that easy to tell unless you look for it. The end-link might be difficult to put on and the lug pins were hard for me to get into the lugs. The link screws have a tendency to not come out since they were not cleaned (milling grease and steel bits are a cause). Using the right screwdriver and slow turns, I was able to pull the screws outs and clean them up. I'm satisfied with the band and I think it looks great.

Some details of the bracelet are a brushed outer and inner finish, while the sides are polished. I was able to remove all the links and make it fit nice and tight on my small wrist (about a 1/2 inch above that wrist bone, my perfect spot). It's 20mm, and I think it tapers to 16mm (if my measurement is correct).

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See the alignment issue in this image:
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