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Hi WISs,

my archive got a new entry - lacking detailed informations, it is listed as
Geneva Sport 18.75''':

Here the photos:

First of all: It is not actually exotic; on ebay I saw a very similar Alpina
with the same movement:

Besides own movements (e.g. from Straub) Alpina applied almost everything
available on the movement market. And among early chronographs there is
the Minerva 13-20, applied as Alpina 890. So I wasn't surprised that this
movement looks very similar to the Minerva 17-29, as shown here:

The more I was surprised about the trademark of Geneva Sport Watch on
the dial side. Pritchard mentions that GSW was busy with chronographs in
the fourties, but according models are pretty unknown. Moreover nobody
knows whether GSW was busy with anything in the fourties, but as the dial
style of both Alpinas is typical for this periode, they must have been.

Now my questions:

1) Does anybody know something about cooperations refering particular
projects between GSW and Minerva?

2) Has anybody a picture of the dial side of the Minerva 17-29 or of the
probable 17''' base calibre? The base calibre was apparently not specially
designed for a chrono - else it would have a hidden winding gear. And it
possible that Minerva bought the base movements from somebody else.

3) Since the movement has not the usual Alpina designation, I suspect
that it wasn't exclusively made for Alpina. Probably anybody has seen the
same (or a very similar) movement in a watch from another brand?

Regards, Roland Ranfft
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