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For sale and maybe trade is a true WIS-piece - my Gronefeld 1941 Principia. Condition is excellent with very light signs of wear, and it is a full set, meaning box/papers are included.

Gronefeld’s order book is closed and will likely stay closed for a while; as a result it’s likely these will keep skyrocketing so no need to worry about value retention or ability to get them serviced in the future. I am offering this at $61,500 + shipping which makes it the least expensive Gronefeld with these specs than anywhere else. This particular watch is also a very low serial #.

Sort of interested in trades up or down. Although I really don’t want to deal with the headache that comes with trades unless you’re local.

Gronefeld is, objectively, a step up from brands like Patek, Audemars, FP Journe, Lange etc when it comes to finishing. Unlike the aforementioned, which are largely machined (with the exception of ALS) - Gronefeld pieces are fully hand-finished.

What makes these great?

The case. Sleek and refined. The lugs are stepped, highly polished and beautifully sculpted. Compare how much is going on to something like an ALS case and you’ll see what is appealing about Gronefeld’s case work.

Finishing & movement. This is where this watch shines - and IMO it’s the main reason someone should go Gronefeld. Bevelling galore, frosting, everything that can be black polished is black polished. Bridges are done in stainless steel which is unique to Gronefeld - and SS is much more difficult to work with than something like brass/gold. Unlike Patek or FPJ, you will not find machine marks on this watch :) Even the wheels are finished/bevelled and then mirror finished. Dial side. Indices are black polished, hands are heat blued (and evenly) done.
If you have questions, please feel free to PM. If this post is still here, it means the watch is still available so no need to PM about availability. You can find detailed specifications on Gronefeld’s site.

I have tons of references here + other places as a collector, buying/selling and am happy to do in-person transactions in Salt Lake City or Vancouver. I am based in SLC, UT but am in Vancouver every few months.
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