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I have had my Ambit for about a month now, which I bought to navigate some treks in Bolivia (where I am currently).

Noticed some symptoms on the screen similar to those in a previous thread about a week or two ago.
One day last week the screen went totally blank, and have not been able to use it since.
When I connect the watch to my mac the watch does display "Connect to Moveslink" so the LCD is not broken.
I think it might be a software fault.

I have forced a firmware update, reinstalled the latest version of Moveslink 2, removed the device from moveslink etc.
When the watch is connected moveslink (OSX Lion) the program either crashes or fails on the satellite update on 99% and my screen stays blank. Have tried this many many times.
Mailed Suunto but so far no reply.

I would like to try an older version of Moveslink to see if that would fix the problem, but I can't find it anywhere on the net.
Does anyone still have an old dmg for OSX?

If you do could you please email to [email protected] ?

Thanks very much

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