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Angular Momentum - New Bronze Collection

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BRONZE „aer aeris" - an extraordinary material

June 1st 2010, Angular Momentum has introduced its first BRONZE timepiece the Freehand Beryllium Diver Magnus, which has been published in magazines, blogs and forums around the world.

After many tests and investigations Angular Momentum has decided to integrate the material bronze in its collection and to develop a specific Bronze Collection. Respectively to offer all timepieces not only in all golds, Platinum or 1.4435Cnu steel but also in Silicon Bronce, the most suitable and hardest among the Copper alloys.

Why Bronze:
Silicon Bronze is a high-strength, highly corrosion resistant material with nonmagnetic properties. It is generally as strong as steel. The cost of copper-base alloys is generally higher than that of steels

Reason No.1 Corrosion
Bronze resists corrosion (especially seawater corrosion) and metal fatigue more than steel and is also a better conductor of heat and electricity than most steels.

Reason No.2 Surface quality
There are various polishes used to clean bronze. The bet are those, developed for Instruments such as Saxophones often made of Bronze. The application of such polishes will preserve the luster and shine of the surfaces for decades. There are also people who love the "Antique" touch of not treated bronze. Bronze does not scratch lighter than steel or gold

Reason No.3 Hardness
Its excellent hardness (even harder than 316L stainless steel) compared to other metals used in watch industry

Silicon Bronze 200-230 HV (Vickers)
316L Stainless steel 190-210 HV (Vickers)
Titanium grade 5 150-190 VH (Vickers)
Titanium Grade 5 cold formed 250-300 HV (Vickers)
White gold 150 - 180 HV (Vickers)
Diamond 10'060 HV (Vickers)

Reason No.4 Color
The Silicon Bronce has a beautiful warm color, close to red gold

More information find attached or on the Angular Momentum website


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