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It is my pleasure to introduce to you Angular Momentum's latest creation:

Kagamibuta Timepiece
Two-body 14435 Cnu Staybrite steel case, mirror polished. The medallion made black Japan lacquer, the ground "combed", a technique developed by the Japanese lacquer artist Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891). The Cuckoo in high relief "Takamaki" black Japan lacquer inserted into the wavy ground. The aperture for digital time display represents the full moon behind the clouds.
Case and lacquer work made in the Angular Momentum ateliers

About Kagamibuta Netsuke
Japan during the seventeenth century was a world without pockets. To carry medicines, tobacco, seals, and other small personal affects required one to hang them from their obi or sash. From this need sprung various sets or kits such as the tobacco pouch, the inro, and the yatate (writing set). The inro was a layered box with two to seven tiers that could contain various small objects. The inro was held together by braided silk cords, which ran vertically through the many layers....

Download the 4mb pdf document here.

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