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The Falcon Collection

Angular Momentum has created an exceptional collection of Artisan Timepieces with „Verre Èglomisè" miniature paintings of beautiful Falcons on the reverse of a 18.300 ct. Sapphire dial, placed in a 18 Kt. white gold case. The movement a historical self-winding movement manufactured between 1950 and 1960. The crown decorated with a black cabochon diamond. The watch case can be determended by the customer in any size between 38.00 to 42.00 mm. .„There are no two identical Verre Èglomisé Timepieces in the world. Every Timepiece, created and hand made in our ateliers is unique and differs either in theme, size, material, form or function".

Falcon Hunting
High above the desert a Peregrine falcon flies alone, keen eyes fixed on its prey below. Then it plunges towards its prey, a large brown bird the size of a heron. The chase ensues, but the larger bird cannot outrun the fastest creature on earth. The falcon reaches a speed of over 200 mph before hitting its prey. As the two plunge to the ground, a plume of dust rises from the desert floor as the falconer in his jeep rushes towards the impact site. The falcon is soon separated from its prey, which is dispatched along with words "Bismilaah Al Rahman Al Rahim" - the name of God.

Verre Eglomisé
is a term used to describe the art of cold painting and gilding on the reverse of glass. The glass can be painted, gilded with gold, silver or metal leaf using a gelatine adhesive. A beautiful mirror-like, reflective finish can be achieved, in which designs can be engraved or the leaf chemically treated to create special design effects. The technique dates back to the pre-Roman eras, but its name is derived from 18th century French decorator Jean-Baptise Glomy who is responsible for its popularity today. in 2004, Angular Momentum has developed a technique of painting on the reverse of the sapphire crystal of timepieces. Angular Momentum is the only company in the world applying this exclusive and rare art.

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