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I gotta say I like the thing, fun watch. I took a stab at a review, saved a draft and picked at it now and then, even had little "insert bezel pic here" written so I could see what pics I have to take. It helped allot. If your thinking of a CR1 I hope it helps.

Case size

Prometheus CR1

Crystal: Sapphire
WR: 200M
Width: 41mm
Height: 16mm
Lugs: 20mm
Length (lug to lug): 50.5mm
Weight: 181 grams (head + bracelet with all links)

Price 200 Euro, 300 USD.

My reasons for buying the watch

I always wore a digital at work mainly because I need the day, I was looking for a aforable day/date automatic so I could go 'full auto'. The plan was to get the Ocean Diver, since the design contest was won iv bin popping in and out of the forum to see how things are going, plan was to wait for that one. Wait I did, the OD was faced with a few delays. In the end Prometheus decided to leave the factory and make the OD Swiss. Long story short, I cant beat up a watch that nice at work. I was in the 3-4 market. I never considerd the CR1 because I wasnt a chronograph fan (to busy). But it did have a day/date and it was affordable. Seeing how I keep track of my working hours the chronograph would be a good feature for work.
I could of got other watches but I do like supporting a forum freindly company, and I felt the watch was real sharp looking after the second look.

box opening

It comes on a bracelet in a good little watch case. The case is thin portable and seems of good quality, it would be great for travel and can fit in a pocket..
Also included is instructions, signed warenty card and a cloth.


In my experience non-wis's really like it. My wife thought it was my nicest looking watch, as did co-workers. I can see why they would think that, fancy looking dial with cool glass back. Id say it has cool watch appeal to the average joe.

The design is what I love most about the watch, its a very clear well defined dial. The minute hand has a sharp tip and overlaps every thin line marker, great for thouse of us that want our minute hand lined up perfect.

The sub-dials are the same way, every little hand atleast touches the marker. When the red ones lined up over its marker it looks like a red hand with a white tip, easy to tell its on the mark. The dial has sub-second markers between the seconds, for thouse of us who need to be real persice. I imagine this is for the chronograph but it also helps to make sure your minute hand is where it should be.
Having the base of every hand black is a HUGE plus for me, a very important part of any design that I find isnt around enough. Its a feature that I really liked and was a big selling point for me.
The markers are nice, they are very white as are the hands, no tint to them at all. The markers seem very clean and straight, except for a couple of the small ones, they went outside the lines just a touch. Its a very bright white on a super glossy black. A couple of my markers do have a bumpy lume job, when you look real close and roll the reflection over it you can see some bumps, although the all glow equally. marker shots I also liked how they used small markers at 12,3,6 and 9 to make sure that no lone maker gets cut in half by a obstruction, like alot of date watches do. This way by cutting them all down it gives off a good cimetrical feel, as seen in lume shot.

I like the look of the day/date window, very clean and simple. The black windows were a great choice , it blends in with the dial well.

They also sit very level. One day though the day only flicked half over. I popped out the crown gave her a nudge and she fell in place, hasnt happend since.
The silver Prometheus logo is super sharp, I dont know if its polished steel or that chrome looking plastic, either way its real shiny and looks flawless. Real impressed with the silver logo.

Also all 3 subdials have record like groves. It next to impossible to take a pic of of them and hard to see in person, but they are groved. Super glossy dial to.

Overall I find the design is well put together, everything seems to fit and be in its place. That can be hard to find in a busy day/date chrono, lots of stuff to squezze in there.
The good thing about a design is you can easily judge it by looking at pics and forming your own opinion before buying. For me it was clear before I got it that I really liked the design and features, but its looking at the design and useing the features on a daily basis that is the big reminder of why I like the watch.


Turns well and clicks loudly, its uni-directional and has 60 clicks (I counted). Just under a minute worth of loose play but will stay in its possition well. It dosent feel nearly as nice as the Holotype but it does feel sturdy. Mine rattles a little when I shake it, id say its a touch loose.
It also doest align perfectly with the dial and never can, it just doesnt match up. It is placed in the watch as straight as it can be though and isnt that far off.
It is clear to see what marker on the dial lines up with what marker on the bezel, both markers are close and well defined.
The notches provide decent grip, they also line up perfectly with numbers on insert.
Odd numbers line up with no-notches, even numers line up with notches. Its not much but its consistent and I like it.
Over all id say the bezel is decent, I like the look of it and it seems solid and clicks louldly. But has near a minute worth of play and raddles a touch.


Visible movements rock!!
Its really super cool seeing the movement do its work, completely amazing, I was sold on automatic movements without seeing them, im deffinitly sold on being able to see it now. Really makes you wonder what the heck is going on in there.
Looking at the back of the movement while the chrono buttons are pressed is interesting aswell, a do-dad flys into view when you start it and flys back when you reset, also when you pause and restart the chronograph a small thing'a-majig plate next to main crown spins in and out of place.

Here is a shot before chronograph is started.

And this shot is after you start it.

Here is my talented descripions.

I imagine a exposed back on a chronograph would be a feature you pay allot more for elsewhere, a day/date would make that search even harder.
The movement is half decently decorated, which is nice.
Its got more than one plate brushed/grinded, some of the lower plates are aswell.
The major screws are all blue and match the rotor logo well.
I counted 9 blue screws, there maybe more.
The rotor is decent, I like the blue print with flame, although my rotor logo has to much blue in the flame (as seen in above caseback shot). I noticed on other watches that their 'subflame' is clear. It kinda bugs me, I may look into getting a new rotor from Prometheus.
The brass parts add well to the overall look, and of course the purple jewel. You can also see the wheel for the sub-seconds dial moving next to the mainspring flying. At an angle in the sun you can also see the plastic movement holder, with large clean squares cut around the crownstems. I noticed in another review on another watch, the plastic holder did not fit the movement so the did some sloppy cuts to adapt it to new movement, leaving stem touching holder. Glad to see that wasent the case here.

BTW, getting a pic of this was hard, you better like it.

Other than the movement, the print around the caseback ring is simple and clear, I like it. Also the 6 notches on the back (for casback opener) are all lined up perfectly with the case. I havent checked that in other peoples watches but its a small thing that I like.


Looks good, nice job. All the edges look smooth, alot of straigt courners on those lugs, the are all very smooth.
Its a vertical brush stroke all around the wach, looks even and consistent to me. The insides of the lugs wernt brushed which is no real biggie.
The shape of the crown guards I like aswell, they are brushed well with very smooth edges, they also hug the crown nice and tight while still giving fingers grip room, thats very important.
Before getting the watch I was worried about the lugs sticking so far and straight out, now that I wear it shes all good, we get along.

Operating the crowns

The main crown doesnt seem to have many threads, maybe 3 or 4. they look very clean but its still a little stiff unscrewing.
Once out of the threads its a little thick winding aswell, its not real bad but thicker than my Eta's. I have a Russian auto that is the same way, winding them backwards seems more smooth and normal than forwards.
This is my first crown operated day/date watch and I was worried there would be two differnt possitions but its just one. Wind one way for day and the opisate way for date, its kinda fun. Iv read people say that 'a day is too much of a complication, the date is bad enough'. This makes me believe its no harder, only one possition, turn one way for each wheel, easy as pie.
No problems controling it in final position either. I was a bit paranoid the hands whould jump when I set the time, if read of other watches that do that (not CR1's), I wouldnt be able to live with that. Luckally these stay in there place. Also there is no wobble when fully extended, very solid.
For the chrono crowns I find you only need two fingers to break the tightness, then just one finger spinning it up. You have to unspin it quite a ways before you can push it. To start the chronograph I have to push a little hard and get a loud click, pauseing it and resarting it is smooth without any loud clicks, not that the click is a bad thing.
Reseting the hands is quick and easy too.
A couple of times while winding the main crown down it got to tight to early, so I had to back off and try again, it might of gone or it might of crossed, I just played it safe. It has done everything iv asked but I feel I have to be very carefull and cautious, winding is a litlle rough.


The crowns I stated above, aswell as the bezel. Both not perfect but exceptable/decent.
She runs +20 seconds a day consistently.
My red chrono second and minute hand dont line up perfect, it is off by just a touch. Not a real issue with me, little more and it would bug me.
The interesting thing I find is setting the time. I stop the small second hand right on the 60 mark, make sure my minute hand is right on the marker, wait for the top of the minute...then hit it. Once started I watch my second hand go all the way around the dial without my minute hand moving at all, after the sub-second dial gets back up to the top the minute hand starts moving as it should. So now after setting the time properly the watch is excatly a minute behind.
Me being smarter than the watch I set the time one minute fast and two minutes later im right on time. It will move properly and stay on markers from there on in. I also wanted to add that the chrono hour hand sweeps and the minute hand ticks, the minute hand (red) ticks over less than a second before the minute every time, it is neat. And because the chrono's hour hand sweeps you can tell how long its bin running withing 10 minutes just by looking at hour hand.


My Bathys and Holotype blow it out of the water. With those watches when I walk indoors they clearly glow very brightly, so for me the 'lume bar' is set very high. The CR1 glows, its just definitly not 'in your face'. I did find it glowed for a long time with little light, just not brite. Kinda remindes me of a Kobold in that aspect.
And no lume on second hand, but I forgive that one.
It will have to take another hit from the ISO folk though, the 12 o'clock bezel pip also has no lume.
Its not very bright but it lasts along time, its easy to think the lumes not going and then suprisingly be able to read it in bed.


I cant coment on quality because I havent touched it, I can say it has a signed clasp and tapers from 20 to 18.
Its not my style, or the watches IMO. Im just not a fan of bushed and polished together, dont think watches should shine like a mirror. A black stap is better fitted to the watch.


Im very happy with my watch and I think it was a great deal.
It has many features for a auto and is very afforable at 200 Euro.
- Chronograph
- Day/date
- Saphire caseback with decorated movement
- Screw down pushers
- 20 atm (200 meters)
- A well laid out dial.

Its hard to find those featurs in a watch that I can afford. I like the watch so much im going to get it regulated. It may fix my slight alignment issue and if I can get a new rotor from Carlos ill put that in aswell. Im happy with my +20 sec a day, it is very consistent. Id be interested to see the improvement in timing after regulation. Even after getting regulated I think its a good deal. The Eta movement that this is a copy off would cost around as much as this watch fully assembled. Just dont expect the Swiss attention to detail.

Its a great poor mans chrono with a saphire back and aday/date. I am deffinitly a happy camper.

Some ocean shots as a encore.

Thanks for taking the time,

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Hi, I just finished reading your review, nice work, it outlines perfectly why I bought a CR1, I am expecting mine today, I can't wait much longer! Great pictures as well, I think I will switch out the bracelet for a strap too.

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Thanks guys, ill be interested to seeing how you like them.
I can say this is my first time dealing with Carlos and hes bin great, I found him very helpfull. English not perfect, but good. He went to a clear effort to address my concerns.

I wouldnt worry about duties, although Vancouver customs may be a different story. I havent paid them on a watch yet (3).

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think :-!.

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I just received my watch, number 73, have it on but I think I'll change to a strap soon, very happy with this watch, I don't think I'll need another one for a while!:-!

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That is an amazing review and also you had me laughing really hard (aka you better like thispicture... etc ;-)) You put an amazing amount of effort into it and you expressed yourself and the watch exceptionally well.

I also received this watch recently. The watch isn't perfect on only one item-- mine is just about perfect in most respects but the 60 minute timer on the chrono is slightly off as the time progresses. But it is stll possible to read it accurately, just round-down when the minute chrono marker is ahead of a marker. It never seems to creep past the next marker meaning it remains accurate.

The watch is very readable and really grows on you. The movement is not swiss/ETA quality. It's a step below. But the overall execution of this watch is outstanding for the money, I trust it thus far to be reliable and accurate (it has proven that over a week period though I admit that is not long but Carlos has a 2 year warranty), and the seller (Carlos) is also excellent. He communicates wonderfully and clearly cares about his customers.

If you hold this watch up to the "value and quality per dollar" quotient and look past a few minor annoyances the one you receive may have (aka in my case, the minute chrono counter and simply rounding down), my feeling from what I have seen is that you will really enjoy it. The new price is really outstanding and I have kept it on my wrist much longer than I expected. I have many choices in my collection including really expensive high-end swiss watches and a few of these asian manufacturers have managed to get me to "stick" with the brand. In this case I think its the seller (Carlos) as much as anything that makes this watch worth it. Carlos and Prometheus have won me over and the other as I have written about is

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Standing ovation from me on the review. Man, you really put a lot of work into it and it's appreciated! :-!:-!

Mine's on it's way. Looking forward to it more now.
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