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Hockey Whino said:
I'm trying to narrow down my choice for an Antea. Checking out Jorgs site, I saw the antea kleine sekunde. Does anyone have one? How is the movement? Silvered face? Would you choose it over the regular antea and why? Birthday is getting closer and my wife wants me to make up my mind. O| O| O|
Hi Whino

I'm trying to make the same decision. Considering the price difference in the base madels, about 100 EC, we should be considering the Klien Sekund and the Antea with blued hands and screws. That brings it to the same price and more similar watches. Size is probably the deciding factor. Considering the current trend is to larger watches, I'm leaning toward the Antea.

The other issue is the possibility of a new model Klien Sekund if it is voted the watch of the year for 2005.

Good-luck with deciding. I'll let you know as soon as I decide and receive the watch.

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