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Any decent natural rubber (not sillicone) straps for B&R out there? Having trouble finding them...

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Hey gang,

I'm looking for something that, surprisingly, doesn't really seem to exist.

While I like my new 03-92, the strap that's on it does attract a fair bit of lint and dust and it's a bit short for me. Since I'm a big fan of natural rubber straps, I went looking for some options. Turns out, there doesn't seem to be any?

I have a few really nice natural rubber straps - several Hirsch Extreme, Hirsch Pure, Isofrane, Bonetto Cinturini, etc. I find them to usually be more comfortable and much less prone to picking up dirt and lint compared to sillicone straps.

Straps that are offered by ABP are sillicone, as are the ones by Horus. That one shocked me, considering how much they ask for them... Panatime lists theirs as 'waterproof rubber', but for the price and looking at photo's, it looks sillicone to me. Others who sell straps on Ebay, Etsy, Aliexpress, etc. all appear to be sillicone.

Basically, I don't think anybody's bothering to make more expensive, natural rubber straps for these. But I'm tossing it out there to see if anyone can prove me wrong. Right now, I'm just leaning towards putting a nice Isofrane on it and calling it a day when it comes to my rubber needs.
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