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Does anyone have any experience with the Traser P59 Aurora GMT? I really like the blue one, but the anthracite one seems to be more affordable right now. I don't own any true GMT watches that aren't digital. (Actually, I have the Citizen Nighthawk, but the main hour hand is easily set-able, not the GMT hand.) I do have a rather nicely made Vostok Komandierski model 34, but the so-called GMT hand is tied to the hour hand. To get other time zones, you have to turn the bezel, which would ordinarily not be a problem at all, except the bezel doesn't lock down, one touch and it rotates. If it's crown were screw down or if it clicked in indents....anyway that is why I'm looking at the Traser P59 Aurora GMT.

I have had mixed luck with Ronda quartz movements in Wenger watches. Is the one in the Traser of higher quality? Anyone know the exact movement?

How bright are the trigalights? I have Marathons and an older Stocker & Yale and they work quite well.

Any recommendations, thoughts, comments, cautions?

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