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Any Info on This Zarya Watch?

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Dear Komrades:
I saw this "Zarya" watch on Zenitar's site and took a chance on it - what the heck for $42.00. It's actually a decent little bugger, at 40 mm wide and very nice raised 'gold' numbers and the hands seem fairly well made also.

I haven't popped the back off yet but it looks like it would be easy enough to do if anyone wants to see a photo of the movement. The watch is pretty thin at 8.6 mm. I took some quick photos today below.

The Zenitar description said "New condition 5 years old stock Russian mechanical watch Zarya. Has 21 mechanical ruby jewels movement with anti- shock balance unit, wateresist,case made from brass, gold plated. Come with leather black band, papers and carton box . Case size 40 x 8 mm."

I bought it March 10, it arrived March 24, 2009. There's some paperwork with it (see the photos) that I have no idea what it says, including some type of maybe a manufacturing date slip with numbers stamped on it?

I searched WUS but came up empty on Zarya, is this one of those "revived" old-line company names that maybe is now being made with a Chinese movement?

I like it though, it has that inexpensive Russian watch charm and looks like something Dad would wear in the 1950's! What do you think?

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Beautiful |>
A small detail. Hands don't have lume...:roll:
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