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For Arabs, the use of the right hand for greeting has less to do with religion than with the fact that they use the left hand to wipe themselves after sitting on the toilet. To greet someone with the left hand is to symbolically give them s--t.

As for me: Despite being a rightie, I wear my watches on the right because it feels weird to wear anything on my left. Been like this since I played volleyball in high school and wore bracelets on my right hand. Which is one reason why I'll never likely buy a fitness tracker: A watch will always be on my right wrist, and there's no place for anything else.

In some cultures people tend to wear a watch or ring on the right hand/wrist. I have met a few Muslims who tend to do this especially in the Gulf as the right hand is used for greeting, eating etc you walk into a house with your right foot and leave with your left. I have noticed on quite a few Arab programmes people wear their watch on the right wrist.

That of course is not everyone far from it, I have also met folk who just wear it on the left for the same reason most of us do, the right hand is the dominant hand so wearing a watch on it would be more likely to get in the way or get damaged.

Thats the only symbolism I can think of, possibly a religious one. Other than that perhaps left handed?
1 - 1 of 130 Posts
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