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any tips on wHat watches to collect, this is my current collection.

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im new to watchuseek, and i was wondering on the collection that i have i know i dont have the greates warches but if you can tell me if i have okay watches, and if you can throw some tips on watch to collect or look for. ive seen this on ebay, and i was like wow its a nice watch but i have no idea if its good or baD. RARE ANDROID AD183 ROTATOR 21J AUTOMATIC WATCH, 316L STNL/STL ROTATING CASE/DIAL | eBay


kENNETH COLE- KC1514 Automatic
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hourlyrage said:
I think the best advice I can give you is to trust yourself and collect pieces you love. Don't base your collection on what others tell you to buy otherwise it is not really your collection is it.You say you don't have the money to buy high quality but high quality doesn't always have to be exspensive. There are quite a few companies that offer good quality for a good price.If you shop wisely you can get some nice pieces some of which are Swiss Made. Take a look at companies like Hamilton,Tissot and Steinhart all make very good quality watches at a good value. I also would encourage you to look at the preowned market here and at other forums,you can find a piece that you would not consider buying new at a deeply dicounted price. I hope this helps.
Wise words.
I can only offer some words stemming from experience both in watches and automobiles.

When I was young, I wanted so many Ferraris I couldn't keep track let alone make a decision.

However, with some aging and graying hair, I have refined my tastes. For instance, for Ferrari, I would choose a 512 Boxer followed by a 458 Italia. Throw in a 250 TDF for vintage events. Done. Daily driver? Easy. Mercedes E500 Limited circa 1995. Built by Porsche for MB. SUV? Audi Q5. See? Refinements over time. I no longer lust after a Porsche Turbo, nice as they are.

Watches. Same deal though far more of a reality. I've had a number of them over the years though nothing really expensive. The Perregaux quartz was rather pricey when I bought it back in 1984 though. Cannot find a replacement movement to save my life, but that's another story.

I fell in love with my Citizen Blue Angels Navihawk at first sight. Had one now for 13 years. Almost never left my wrist during that time. Still love it and I won't sell it. Probably going into the local service center for a complete redo before Christmas.

Now, about current thinking. I poked around WUS for a while to acclimate myself to the nomenclature and thinking regarding brands and what makes for an outstanding watch. Lot's of photos and reading later, I started in. I picked one brand to research and learn more about. Enicar. Why? Can't tell you other than I liked the look of their dials and the logo. It hit me right and now I own 7. Mostly Supertests, which are hard to find in good condition.

They had some superb movements and an interesting history. They are also low cost considering the quality of the movements. I figured I couldn't screw up that bad if I bought a problem child. Indeed, I lucked out a couple of times by finding some rare pieces and then tracking down the parts to make them correct.

I now have one Enicar I will keep come hell or high water and one other I am probably going to keep. The rest will be sold after they are serviced to my standards.

Already looking at the next brand -- Favre Leuba. Hope to buy a few, get to know them and find one keeper. Not a clue as to what yet though a Twin Power is looking kinda cool as are Sea Raiders.

Is my way the best way to approach it? Certainly not. It is mine and I am comfortable with it. Learning all along and opening a new world up. Perhaps creating a watch myself, which I am exploring now.

The advice about Seikos and Citizens is good. Thanks to this site, I know am looking at several Citizens -- one for me and one for my wife. One or two Seikos as well. Even though I have the Navihawk, I never knew about the automatics. Sigh. What might have been...

Last bit of advice: An old friend told me about how he learned to buy fine art and here are the same principles applied to watches:

1) Look at as many watch photos as possible. Print the ones that "move" you the most. You might make some notes later about what it was that you liked as that will help refine your thinking.

2) Wait a week then pull out the photos and note which ones make you feel the same way. Kind of like seeing an old friend. "Ahhhh, so good to see you again." Keep the ones that hit you and discard the others for now. Your gut is telling you something. Listen.

3) Come back a week later. Look at the photos again. Any changes? Still feel like you are seeing an old friend? (That's how I feel when I put on my Navihawk and now my Enicar Supertest with a Super Compressor case.) Same drill -- discard the ones that are not hitting you the same way. Keep them though as you will want to revisit them later.

4) Now, start looking at the watches and see what they have in common and other attributes you like. Make notes. Likes and dislikes. Then, pull out the the discarded photos and see the differences between the likes and dislikes. The attributes that did not hold up over time. Keep the photos and refer to them every so often. Some may come back over time to being one you like more as you learn more about watches in general.

With the above in mind, choose a few and research the brands. Costs, your budget, etc. Try and see them in person first, if you can so buy local. Suggest starting small though for the above reasons I mentioned. Don't forget servicing them. That can be as much as the watch itself.

Most of all, enjoy the learning.


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Thank u for ur help I'm in between tissot and a citizen:0

And I'm looking to buy the hamilton Ventura in the very near future, I want to get all colors to match my outfits:p
You can check out this brands. Bulova, Tissot, Hamilton, and Vostok. They may have some models that will fit your budget.
And I'm looking to buy the hamilton Ventura in the very near future, I want to get all colors to match my outfits:p
It seems as though you are set on a fashion style so keep on looking in that direction until you decide, if ever, to branch out. Hamilton makes nice watches. Once you get the Ventura, you may decide to look at other styles. Who knows. If you are determined to get colors to match your outfits, you don't need my advice about particular watches to buy.
Yea i want to have Atleast 1 for every occasion, but idw to just have looks I want quality, I know I can't afford tag,omega,breitling or the big brands but i wanted to see what other brands I can go for?
Seiko Citizen Orient Casio.
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