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Omega Speedmaster Professional (311. & Omega Speedmaster MK4.5 (176.0012)
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Friend of mine just bought his very first Omega, a 1992 Speedy Pro on leather :-! (he's sooooo proud right now! :-d) He spend a long time looking at mine and now he finally took the plunge and got his very own. Aged nicely with beautiful patina and the markers and hands.. I'll take some pics next time he's here.

His birthday is coming up in june and I know he wants to have a bracelet for this watch... "the same one that's on yours" he said.
Hence the question: Anybody have a 1998/840 Speedy bracelet lying around?
I know there's a LOT of strap lovers here so there must be someone willing to sell me their bracelet I figured :) It would make the perfect gift for him!

Let me know via PM, thanks :-!

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