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Anyone buy from

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Thinking of buying a watch from REEDSCO.COM. They appear to offer a premium homage type watch at an affordable price(about $200 US), but I am wondering if the quality is actually there or if it is just a nice dial stuffed into the typical lowend chinese case.
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i bought from him is his reedcos MV series...lume is extremely good imho...and he is a great dude....
my photo taking really cannot make it...Reeds is a stand up dude...i bought his 1st edition with a pair of smaller hands and he changed to the larger hands for me for free....i am extremely glad that a local guy from my sunny island has the courage to set up a watch company and stand behind his products...

P.S: he is a friendly guy and it helps that he lives just 15km away from where i am...if i remember correctly Reedcos is the 2nd local watch making company after Azimuth....
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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