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Orients have long been a bit of a mystery. While I know their base movement, the 469 is based on Seiko's 70xx series, all the others are a bit unknown in their roots. Does anyone have any insight into this? How about the old non-hack/handwinding Orient Stars versus the new ones that do hack/handwind? Could the new ones be an outright copy of a Seiko calibre (6r15? 4s15?).

So many questions, but so far the only info I've ever been able to find has been this page that so many of us know about:

What Seiko roots [if any] do other Orient movements have? What are their differences? What are example watches using each movement? What modifications has Orient done to Seiko's calibres?

You would think questions like these would be answered by the pros in the forums, especially seeing how common display backs and open hearts are in Orients.

If anyone has any info at all on Orient movements, shall we make this a database for it?

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