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Anyone with speed-master reduced?

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I brought my watch for repairs to a Rolex ad. They had a used speedy professional. I bought it and loved it but the size and mechanical movement made me bring it back a week later. Ever since I been thinking of it. I have g shocks that I enjoy but for metal Watches I can’t do over 40mm. The mechanical movement was annoying. I would give it 40 cranks in the morning and a few at night then I would wake up to a dead watch. I just sold my datejust and I’m longing for a automatic watch. Lucky the reduced exists, but I heard a lot of negatives. Like servicing and the movement being bad. Any owners that can share their experiences with the watch and what references are the best? Thank you…
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I purchased mine used about 3 years ago. I wore it daily for 2 of those 3 years. It runs accurately during my ownership, despite not knowing its service history.

Like you, I couldn’t live with the manual movement so I ended up getting the reduced.

I know the service cost is expensive, but it’s not any more than any other versions of Speedmaster, at least when going through the Omega Service Centers.

I think I’m in the minority, but I love the numerical minute markers present on the Reduced and the 3511.50 (Speedmaster Date). Of the two, I think the Speedmaster Date wears and looks better, but that’s subjective.

Go with the Reduced (or one of the other automatic versions like the Date or MK40). They are not as in demand (thus cheaper), and there are plenty of examples available to purchase.

Good luck with your search!

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I’m not a fan of the date but the reduced you have with that bracelet is the one I want. I guess expensive service cost comes with any luxury watch. Is the movement ETA based, also what price range would be good for one?
Haha, this is exactly why choices are great; I really wanted date, so I ended up with the 3511.50. After my children were born and I’ve been sleeping less, I just cannot remember the date what so ever.

To answer your question, the base movement of the 3510.50 is ETA 289X (can’t remember the exact number), and has the chronograph portion piggybacked on to it (again, can’t remember the brand/reference #).

When I purchased, the prices for the 3510.50 were hovering around $1,600-$1,800. Nowadays, I’ve seen them from $1,800-$2,500 or higher. Saw one recently listed for $2,750 but it was for full kit + just serviced by Omega. As nice as that example was, it’s too high for me.

Personally, I would aim for low $2,000s (or lower) if you can. This price range is my own preference, so take the advice with a grain a salt.
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