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Anyone with speed-master reduced?

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I brought my watch for repairs to a Rolex ad. They had a used speedy professional. I bought it and loved it but the size and mechanical movement made me bring it back a week later. Ever since I been thinking of it. I have g shocks that I enjoy but for metal Watches I can’t do over 40mm. The mechanical movement was annoying. I would give it 40 cranks in the morning and a few at night then I would wake up to a dead watch. I just sold my datejust and I’m longing for a automatic watch. Lucky the reduced exists, but I heard a lot of negatives. Like servicing and the movement being bad. Any owners that can share their experiences with the watch and what references are the best? Thank you…
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The Triple Date is 39/40 mm depending who measures it, but has a true chronograph automatic mvt. The reduced is a piggy back module and not as desired and harder to get serviced.
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