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I would like to create topic for those are Apple iOS developers who also love/collect mechanical watch.

1- Introduce yourself
2- Hate / Love Apple watch?
3- Do you create any Apple watch app? complications? watch face ideas?
4- What is your Apple watch collection? (buying all series of Apple watch...)
5- Others

I'm freelance iOS developer since original iphone released 2007 and have built severals app for companies. I bought my first Omega Seamaster 300 in the year 2000 and after that I just fall in love with Omegas and mechanical watches. I own 1st gen Apple watch at released date 2015 until now. Since then I don't buy any new watch from Apple, however I can access to all Apple hardware with my current employer.

For me Apple watch is just an utility watch, not something magical like a mechanical watch that you need to take care and maintenance to keep it in a good shape and every time you put on your wrist you feel great about it :)

Yes, I have many ideas to create Apple watch faces and whenever Apple release/open the access I will launch it.

Let share your thoughts and comments. Thanks for sharing.

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Not an iOS developer (my taking a weekend workshop to learn my way around XCode doesn't count ;) ).

1) Trained as a Web app developer but mostly doing app and server administration these days;
2) Big AW fan. The only thing holding it back is the current state of battery chemistry. Li-ion is better for this job than any previous mass-produced battery technology, and whatever comes next will cause a huge industry shift, and not just in personal devices.
3) No, no, and nope. Not yet, anyway. (growth mindset!)
4) Bought a first-gen SS, dropped it and cracked its ceramic back at the two-year mark; was given a SS Series 2 by Apple as a free replacement; traded the S2 in last Fall for an aluminum Nike Series 4 LTE.
5) "Others?"

I like mechanical watches, and I almost always choose a mechanical when I'm not wearing my AW. My office doesn't allow personal gadgets, so so I pick a mechanical when I'm not teleworking. I like how, although they're easy to understand, it seems like making them run perfectly is a dark art.

But I have no doubt that if I pared my collection down to two or three watches total, the AW would be part of it. It's just too useful. I like not having to carry my phone with me all the time.
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