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AR coated sapphire crystals... any downsides?

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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there are any downsides to AR coated sapphire crystals. I don't think it is darker or anything, but I just want to make sure...

(sometimes I like to see the light reflected off my watch's crystal and directed to wear I point my watch) :-d
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Ar coatings are not as scratch resistant as Sapphire crystal, so you can technically end up getting scratches on the face. AR coatings are put on the underside of the glass to avoid this sometimes. Some companys put AR on both the top and bottom. The AR coating does give off a blue/green/red hue sometimes, if looked at certain angles. I kind of like this feature, it's pretty neat.
-Sorry if this is too Off Topic, but in regards to AR coating.... NEVER get AR coating on your lenses, if you wear eyeglasses!!!

Oh my lord, what a mistake that has been for me. I never used to have issues with grease/fingerprints/smudges on my eyeglasses, but the last pair I bought, I went for the 'anti-glare' which is pretty much similar to AR on watches, I suppose. Well, long story short, I will never do it again, whatever they use, it's impossible to clean quickly/easily. Any smudge requires a full wash in the sink. What a pain. o|

Ok, back on topic- My Breitling has AR on the top, and it does definitely smudge way more than my non-AR coated watches.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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