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What colors do you envision your self buying

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Hi Watchuseek Compatriots,
Tomorrow Saturday the 16th of July we will be launching our kickstarter campaign for our new watch line.
For the next 3 days you will see our ads up around watchuseek

The past three years I have toiled on this concept after opening my flagship watch store in Bellevue,Wa (other side of the lake from Seattle)
The watch pictures posted are final prototypes that run and feel great on the wrist.
I appreciate all feed back and discussion of our product as that can only make it better in the long run.
I will post some pictures and chat about them and then continue my diatribe a little later.

Background on me Sam Mostad Founder of Arcane Watch Co.:
I have been in retail most of my life and in watch repair service and sales for the last 15 years.
I have schooling in materials engineering from Carnegie Mellon University ,(yes same place Michael Kobold went.)
My 2 retail stores Arc Watch Works & Engraving service Omega, Rolex and many other high brands as well as lots of vintage pocket watches.
We do engraving as well as wholesale repair for most of the jewelers in Bellevue/Seattle Area.
With years of seeing what fails on a watch we have been able to put that knowledge into action for you.

Ok here are some pics and please come see us at these are large files so please take your time and enjoy the details.
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

These are the two prototypes we've created the blue has been the most popular because it fits more peoples sensibilities.
The brown and teal one is made with the same process but different settings to show how diverse a truly bespoke can be.
People warm to loving this color combination after they get over the shock of what combinations they could possibly wear on their wrist.

Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

The Blue dial features 20mm lug designs and the teal/brown has 24mm lugs these are completely interchangeable with each and every design we make.
The lugs in the picture have not been completely finished to remove machining marks due to time constraint the blue dial watch is the best example of the finish work on the contours and edges

Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Strap Fashion accessory

Just to show off the lug versatility we flipped them over for the customer that no longer needs a watch for time but would like a artful piece of history on their wrists.

Now that you've seen the goods let me tell you a little more about the brand:
Arcane Watch Company is the only 100% American made brand
inside and out and every last detail.

FTC Should appreciate the clarity in that statement. ;-)
We even ask that our vendors use USA based resources,
including the Hytrel gasket formula from Dupont
and the sapphire for the glass fused in the states.

I have called and chatted with most of the brands doing work in the US and asked to make sure none of them claim that title already
and the last 2% of making it 100% is just not worth the effort it takes in most peoples eyes.
Our forefathers at Elgin and Illinois not only made all the parts for their watches they also made all the machines to make the parts.
With that as inspiration we can't help but go the extra mile and make ours 100%.

Our monoblock casing is milled from recycled aircraft titanium at a local aerospace machine shop.
We do all the design work in house for the original 2d drawings
then my CAD modeler extrudes the casing out for the shop to convert to CNC paths

The dial/case engraving and coloring are all done in house with our fiber tip Yttrium laser and electrolytic baths.
These techniques took me years to perfect to produce the rich colors you see in these prototypes.
Look at our kickstarter launch video that will be going live tomorrow july 16th 2016
for a better understanding of the work that goes into these pieces
Including the hands of the watch that are a time intensive process that creates the beautiful pillow top contour
as seen on these pictured(zoom in on these)

and yes all these colors are also available in dial designs.

The movement at the heart of all this is an Illinois Autocrat Circa 1915 restored to its original beauty.
We have taken the time and dedication to make sure this is not a pocket watch conversion
but more like putting a classic big block engine in your modern chassis.
Along with refinishing and restoration we have used all the
modern technology and techniques to time and adjust it to the expectations of a fine mechanical wrist watch.

Need to go and finish the kickstarter lay out and make it gorgeous for all of you to visit.
I will be back later to tell you more and answer all your posts.

Thanks you for your time and consideration.
your questions here will go a long way to helping build up our FAQ
so none of our customers with be left wanting for details and information.

Sam Mostad
Founder of Arcane Watch Co.
[email protected]
Watchline Website:


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Welcome to WUS! Nice watches and I really like the engraved logo on the side of it!
Dark blue hands on a white dial will always look the best.

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They look wonderful. Is there an estimated price?

Thanks Frank the kickstarter is now live and I would appreciate any feed back.
Stardard price is 3700 for all the custom choices for color and design for the dial an additional 1300 for the skeletonized model.
We have sold 4 so far yesterday not listed on the kickstarter because they don't allow mentions of charity the first three we sold at live auction at our launch party and half the proceeds for those three is being donated to Seattle Children's Hospital.
Sam Mostad
here is the Kickstarter Link for our Project

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I can see a great deal of effort and passion has been put into the project.

Unique case and dial design is undoubtedly the result of those hardwork, not to mention that it was sourced 100% locally.

Wishing you a successful campaign.

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What is the case size not counting the lug and counting the lug
The case size without the lugs is 43.7 only 4 mm over the size of the movement.
This gives a great feel on the wrist and because of the titanium the whole piece weighs less than a modern rolex on a strap.
the lugs more the strap over and down to give you a really nice wrap of the wrist.

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I guess this never got done ..i mean it is four years later ...

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I guess this never got done ..i mean it is four years later ...
Doubtful from the beginning. Too many different design elements at once. They should have focused on the dial, case engraving, and movements. All really different and nice.

The massively oversized 4:00 crown and massive lugs (with 4 screws into the case each!) pushed too many boundaries at the same time.

The price was also inflated by those elements. Standard crown and unibody case/ with springbar lugs would have helped cut costs... Even then $3700 - 5000 for what you see there is crazy given that there doesn't appear to be any finishing once parts are CNC machined.

With that said Vortic does start at about $2200 for theirs, and they have even more basic case construction. What they got too was the antique dials that people want as a selling point though.
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