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If art and mysticism move clocks forward as well as shape the times, then there is an equivalent in this interplay to a certain mysterious encounter, something which can be experienced in this year´s ARCHIDES Wohnraumuhren Festival Exhibition. "Mystery of art & time" features art and timepiece objects of international artists like Julia Bugueva, Viktoria Merki, Atelier Knesebeck and Konstantin Chaykin as well as PITA Barcelona and Thomas Salzburger, presented here for the first time in Austria. Once again, the Messerklinger brothers signalise that ARCHIDES is more than just a specialised dealer for exclusive clocks - but a stage to exhibit the art, architecture and design of our time.

"It seems self-evident that we would present our timepieces in conjunction with contemporary art", states ARCHIDES Executive Director Klaus Messerklinger, whose model of a business venture of this kind is unique in Europe. "Our `time objects´ correspond to the individual demands of both true clock aficionados as well as art collectors since they far surpass the value of a mere time measuring device in their symbiosis of classic form and noble design."

"We are very proud that Konstantin Chaykin, Russia´s outstanding clock designer is presenting his `Hijra Luna´ for the first time in Austria. This is a world-wide unique model of a table clock with mechanical movement as well as an integrated Gregorian and Muslim calendar."

With the "Mystery of Time", the timepiece project by Atelier Knesebeck, ARCHIDES celebrates a further premiere, though not directly on the Festival stage. Exquisite mammoth ivory interplays with gold and the rock crystal of the body in this clock to create one singular work of art. In combination with a three-axle Tourbillon, art is transformed into a work of mechanical marvel. There are only 12 of these objects available, world-wide.

Furthermore, the "Kaiser Wilhelm Uhr" will be on display, the original version of which can be found in the Topkap Saravi Museum in Istanbul. The fact that this timepiece is in such extraordinarily poor condition was crucial enough for Knaesebeck to recreate it once again using a Lange & Söhne Anker Chronometer clock within an 18-carat case and richly decorated with precious stones.

Strikingly different to this are the sculptures by the Russian artist Julia Bugueva. Each one of her works embodies a remarkable quality which originates in her paradoxically creative thought process, thereby enabling unexpected adaptations of topics and models. Following exhibitions in Moscow, London, Rome and Florence, the sculptures of the internationally renowned artist and author on art can be seen for the first time in Austria.

Mysticism and the sacred also form an emphasis in the graphic art and paintings of Victoria Merki - the daughter of Julia Bugueva, who has founded her success upon her expertise as a book illustrator. The art of Victoria Merki is defined by extraordinary, seldomly-found properties, a brilliant imperturbability which makes it possible, in interpreting space, for manifold dimensions to flow and merge, thereby portraying the endless labyrinth of the soul with all its passions, heights and depths.

The Barcelona-born master watchmaker, Anicento Jiménez Pita Barcelona, crafts his wristwatches completely without crowns. Technology and innovation in case design are the specialties of this fine wristwatch collection, PITA Barcelona of Catalan, which offers extraordinary functions as in a waterproof and pressure-tight capacity up to 5000 meters, for example.

The craftsmanship of precious jewelry and sacred objects by Salzburg´s master gold and silversmith, Thomas Salzburger, can also be admired. These include the pontifical ring belonging to the Archabbot of St. Peter´s Abbey, P. Korbinian Birnbacher OSB, as well as the pectoral (or chest) cross of the officiating Archbishop of Salzburg, Alois Kothgasser. These singular pieces complement the unique character of the exhibition.

The exhibition can be viewed from 9 July to 1 September 2013 daily from 10 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. and 2 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. in the ARCHIDES showrooms at Neutorstraße 17. For further information: Archides Uhren

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