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First off, Baselworld in one day (Mike Stuffler did it and you will find his reports all over the forums. Thanks Mike |> ) is crazy, but two days is still crazy enough.... there's just too much to be seen, discovered, to be talked about, people to meet ...

So here's my VERY limited (photo) report about my visit.

First of all, my meeting with Mr. Harry Guhl from Stadlin watches. Once Baselworld is over for him, I am sure his website will be filled with the new models (both wirstwatch and pocketwatch) and the incredible stories behind the brand and the special dials with the chinese time telling. Mr. Guhl was very entertaining and I could have listened to him for another hour if my schedule had not been this tight (two days only... remember :)). Thanks again Harry.

Fortunetaly Bill Yao from MKIIwatches called me to meet with him. I met Bill for the first time last year and believe me when I say that he is an extremely kind person. Unfortunetaly he did not bring the upcoming dive watch with him, but he promised me to send me an image by e-mail :p . On the picture above he is handling my Welder K23 watch.

Finally (would you believe that I took my camera with me and the battery died all of a sudden and I did not bring a spare one with me?? Only two days in Basel and this is what I could shoot.....:-x ), some pics of the NEW Mercedes C-class. Great styling, great car....

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