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I picked a parcel up yesterday from my local post office, the first batch of post Christmas arrivals from Japan. I wasn't expecting it, this is by far the fastest shipment I've received from FromJapan and it beat another one that was shipped on the same day by a couple of days (and counting). It contained 3 G-Shocks; a GLX-6900X-2JR In4mation, DW-9700K-9VT and another DW-5600VT Fist of the Northstar to replace one I sold on here earlier this month.

On top of those I bought a Luminox 3001 grey on nato strap and Passarella Death Squad too, that have recently arrived. I'm very pleasantly surprised by the Luminox. It wears quite small compared to my G-Shocks and it's the first nato strap I've bought. Reviews on here and elsewhere are mixed and it seems you either get a good one or bad one. So far mine's a good one and it's pushing my G's out of rotation. It's already knocked my Deep Blue T25 completely out of contention as my non G go-to watch, so much so I'm selling the Deep Blue.

The GLX is also a surprise to me. I was unaware of the red tinge to the display and it's really striking with the glossy blue strap and bezel. It's also my first watch with dual stopwatch. It's by far the most feature packed of my 6900's and a keeper I think.

The Passarella hasn't really blown me away yet and it feels the weakest of the bunch. I'll keep a week or two and see if it grows on me but with The Hundreds on its way and the DQM too, it will probably go to help fund one of those.

The DW-9700K was an absolute bargain, I picked it up for 3700 Yen. I'm not sure why I got it this cheap, all I can think is that as the watch was dead and it's solar, perhaps the listing said it was broken. 15 minutes under a lamp after I inboxed it and the display came to life. It's my first solar to arrive with no charge and the feeling when it finally sprung to life was great :-d. It needed a quick wash and is going to be low on juice for a while but I can wait. I'm looking forward to wearing a gold accented G-Shock, it's not too bling in my opinion. The pics are below but they aren't too fantastic as my normal camera is in for repair, I've got my sons ancient Casio Exilim instead.

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

Analog watch Watch Wrist Watch accessory Strap

Watch accessory Watch Fashion accessory Strap Analog watch

Watch Watch accessory Timer Digital clock

Watch Dive computer Diving equipment Technology Electronic device

Watch Fashion accessory Box

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Number

Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Material property Strap
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