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Auction watch now listed as "faux"

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There were recently a couple of threads about an estate auction (?) for a Seamaster Professional. It was very quickly determined by the eagle-eyed populace here, though it did not require the eyes on a eagle to tell, that it was a fake.

The threads went a bit off the rails for various reasons and having little redeeming value of information, the mods removed them I believe.

I was interested to see where the auction would go and noticed there was a "contact auctioneer" button on the listing. I t was kind of late EST and I want sure what response I would get but I clicked the button and told them that this was obviously not a genuine Omega watch for several reasons. I didn't detail the reasons and they had no reason to have any trust in me. I did the them I was not a bidder and not interested in the watch.

Lo and behold, by early this moving the listing auction had been started over and the description changed to "faux Omega Seamster"

I thought that was a solid move on their part. Yes, the more solid move would have beet to smash it with a hammer and chuck it in the trash; and yes, they might have had their suspicions from the start; and yes it would be in their best interest to make sure it was no mis-represented to avoid issues after the fact. But, I was please with the timely change.

I still won't be bidding.
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Counterfeit is counterfeit and fraud is fraud. The shady auction house is guilty of IP theft.
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Let me know if it stays up. The TX laws are pretty clear Texas Penal Code - PENAL § 32.23 | FindLaw - but yes, the auction site is pretty hokey as well.
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This is the response I received from the auction house. I'll let you all make the comments.

"Thank you for your inquiry. We have discretion as to what costume jewelry is included in a sale. As this definitely qualifies as costume jewelry and is being sold as a second hand watch we have complied with our association ethics. The watch is most definitely not being sold as genuine and is lumped with other general merchandise and costume jewelry.

I doubt for $10 anyone will much care but we appreciate your diligence and doing what you feel is appropriate duty."
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Closed at $328! Crazy! I wonder if the winner thinks it is genuine and the auction description was in error.
Either way, the auction site committed a criminal act.

I wonder if it was worth the $60 they made on the sale, because they will get calls and visits by law enforcement and I'm pretty sure that Omega's lawyers have a canned letter they send to scammy dealers like this.

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