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Auction watch now listed as "faux"

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There were recently a couple of threads about an estate auction (?) for a Seamaster Professional. It was very quickly determined by the eagle-eyed populace here, though it did not require the eyes on a eagle to tell, that it was a fake.

The threads went a bit off the rails for various reasons and having little redeeming value of information, the mods removed them I believe.

I was interested to see where the auction would go and noticed there was a "contact auctioneer" button on the listing. I t was kind of late EST and I want sure what response I would get but I clicked the button and told them that this was obviously not a genuine Omega watch for several reasons. I didn't detail the reasons and they had no reason to have any trust in me. I did the them I was not a bidder and not interested in the watch.

Lo and behold, by early this moving the listing auction had been started over and the description changed to "faux Omega Seamster"

I thought that was a solid move on their part. Yes, the more solid move would have beet to smash it with a hammer and chuck it in the trash; and yes, they might have had their suspicions from the start; and yes it would be in their best interest to make sure it was no mis-represented to avoid issues after the fact. But, I was please with the timely change.

I still won't be bidding.
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As least they were smart enough to realize what they were pushing was not the real deal.

That kind of reverse behavior almost never happens with most "auction site" sales, so good job pointing it out and them correcting their mistake.

If you have TONS of free time, might try that over and over again on they really need the assistance........
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Yup. Just part of the “real” world nowadays……
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