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August Steiner is a terrible new watch company

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I saw no review of this company online but I've been seeing their watches on overstock, amazon, and I think even Jomashop too. Their designs is what caught my eye. On picture, they have very beautiful and elegantly designed watches. I thought they might have been like Fossil, fashionable watches made out of strong high quality parts even though it was all manufactured in China. So I invested $60 into one and was extremely disappointed in what I received.

The watch feels VERY light, almost like plastic. I can easily rip the links apart with my bare hands. Also, they might as well put a mirror to cover the dial because their current cover reflects anything making it so that it's a lot harder on your eyes to read the time. Another thing to note that shows how this watch was poorly built was when I was setting the time, the second hand would rock erratically back and forth as the minute and hour hands were moving. And the funny thing? They smacked on a price tag of $375 to make it seem like it can compete with watches that are of Japan Or Swiss quality. The 2 o'clock marker on my watch is ripped/damaged too because they probably used glitter or something like that. Don't buy from August Steiner, they're schemers!!!!!!!

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Why don't you send the watch back for a refund?
I did. I just want people to be aware
Noted. They're off the list.
I think we all know that...So, what can we recommend for you now?
Don't worry, people here will guide you to a good watch.
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How about a nice Seiko 5?
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We all fall for advertisements at least once in our life. Do not let it bring you down, lesson learned! Just try to return the watch if you can and if you want a new solid watch, always feel free to ask us!
There are so many of these random brands that its kinda sad really. Look through amazons list of brands offered and your head will spin. And the, who comes up with these names!
Haha yeah Watchbreath, it could've been a paperweight. But after I returned that watch a few days ago I was just about to buy a black and gold G-Shock because that seems to be an extremely popular and cool watch for people in my age group (18-24). I also decided I like black because it's hard for people to see minor scratches/fingerprints and it's more casual. But then I ran across this awesome looking Seiko 5 24 jewels automatic that looks just like a black and gold G-Shock and was on sale for the same price ($155)! It definitely has a classier touch to it though IMO and will stand out more. Not to mention this is my first automatic and the glow in the dark feature is also great. I am overall much happier with this purchase even though I spent more than twice the amount of money

Here it is (Black PVD band, original price $425) -

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You paid $60 for that? Alarms should go off at that price point... unless they're Seiko 5s.
It turned out good Sparo. You got a good watch...Congrats.
You're young but I hope you learned an oft repeated lesson (which I'll repeat here)

If it looks to good to be true, if probably is.

Don't forget it!
I say this with all due respect, but what was going through your mind? Fake diamonds. Artificially inflated price with a deep discount. All red flags.
Hopefully they won't balk at doing a refund. Before I buy a brand I'm not familiar with, I do a search of the watchuseek forums. That kept me from buying an August Steiner recently, and I asked here for a recommendation of a "real" brand for a gift watch with a similar look.

The important thing is you ended up with a proper Seiko. That's all that really matters. ;)
When did people stop thinking you get what you pay for? It's a $60 watch...
I think someone sent you a fake August Steiner...
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I hate to say it but what did you expect to get for "investing" $60 in a watch??
I think someone sent you a fake August Steiner...
By George, you may be on to something here - I guess you noticed that the watch in the picture certainly has a few "familiar" parts to it. The bezel, bracelet, case shape, hands....... Yeah! Maybe somebody is swapping out the Steiners for Rolexes. Man, that would tick me off too - pay for a Steiner and get Datejust. Just hope Amazon is on this in a hurry before the Steiner name is irreparably damaged.
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