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August Steiner watch?

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Anyone know anything about these watches? This one in particular.
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Looks like a standard Chinese handwind. I have a couple I got off ebay with the same movement. They work fine, but $20 shipped is about the standard price. The dial is rather nice.
Thanks! The $395 retail price would make you think that $20 is a great deal.
I bought a quartz from Overstock some time ago.

It's a nice looking, cheap watch that doesn't look all that 'cheaply made'.
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I also bought a quartz nos off of ebay. It looks great, and has lost 9 seconds in the two months I've had it. The leather strap with deployment buckle is very nice.

At the bottom of the dial and on the back it says "Swiss Quartz." This is literally true, because when I opened it I found that it had a Chinese movement with a Swiss quartz crystal! I sort of wish they wouldn't try to pretend to be Swiss. Basically it's a Chinese watch but they don't tell you that until you open the case. I have nothing against Chinese watches, (and I knew this was from their website) and if Swiss quartz helps them achieve a little better accuracy that's great, but if it's a somewhat deceptive marketing ploy I don't like it.

My only complaint: there seems to be something wrong with the threads of one of the four screw holes for the back. It never tightens, but it stays in place. I'm not going swimming with it, so I won't worry. I paid $24 including shipping, and I'm satisfied with it.
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If you will notice a little closer this watch is an automatic, no battery or winding needed.
It has Mother of Pearl dial. This watch has and does still sell for $365.00. Check out Mens & Womens Watch Brands | Stuhrling & Invicta Watches | as do other sites..It is listed on for 58.99, at 39.99.
I have a couple August Steiner watches both excellent pieces. Just do your research before buying on advise that it looks like one bought from ebay or stating Chinese make. Always try to find some one who has the make your looking at.
Like I said it is automatic not quartz, nor wind watch. The August Steiner's I have are both accurate to about 3 seconds per month. My Rolex want even do that..
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