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Hey guys, just bought a new Orient watch, and frankly I have zero knowledge about brands and editions, just thought it looked good and decided to pick it up, as I was looking for something that was more high end than the cheapo MVMT watches I own.
Frankly, It feels great, but the glass seems to get dirty really easily and there are some signs that make me question it's legitimacy.
First - it was bought at a local store that's considered a highly reputable watch store for men across the country, which caused me to question posting this but I'll go with it anyway. Cost was about 200USD in local currency.
Second - Been told it's automatic, storekeeper pretty much shook it before I was able to see if the dial moved at all before hand and it's the only watch I've been using for the past week so I'm gonna have to put it aside for a couple of days before I could say any different.
Third - I'm following the watch tab at MassDrop and I see the occasional Orient watch pop up there, all of them have the logo engraved within the face of the watch. Also went to look up model of this one (which I wasn't told) and found it's FUNG8003D0, only found it sold on Amazon UK and eBay, so something smells fishy. Also, it looks a lot like the Version 4 but with a metal band
Fourth - Dial doesn't have the logo inscribed and the bottom also seems slightly off.
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-25 at 20.54.03.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-25 at 20.54.08.jpeg
Sorry for the potato quality, can you guys help?
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