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Automatic Watches - online store, BEWARE

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Has anyone ever ordered anything from ?

I ordered a watch from the site and it was not functioning when I received it. They had taken no care when it comes to packing the watch - it was simply on the pillow in the watch box with no padding and the box was just put in a somewhat thick envelope. <|

The box was also broken when it arrived, the hinges has let go from the box.<|

I was supposed to receive a manual, but it was non-existent! <|

I would not recommend anyone using this site as I am extremely disappointed in the non-existent quality that they have given + their after sale service has been absolutely horrible where I have to chase them for answers!! <|
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Can give an update in case the person in charge decides to shut his current site down and start something new.
His responses are still very very slow if anything at all, but "you can send the watch back" even though all I wanted is my money back as I don't want the poor quality watches that he is delivering.

Below is name and address for the person that owns the website:
Bernhard Zimmermann
Husumer Strasse 12
24606 Wanderup
Phone: (49)4638-7658
[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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