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Hey Guys, I think stuff like this has been done before but anyway here's what I'm thinking. I have a AWG-M100 I never seem to be wearing. It's time for it to be useful. I'd like to send it on a journey to G-Shock fans around the world. The idea is it gets mailed to someone, they use it for a week or two, take a photo of it at work, a photo of it at play then they mail it to someone else. Eventually it runs out of puff and the watch can get auctioned for charity or something.

We can maintain a list of participants on here. Whoever is currently holding the watch contacts whoever is next on the list to get mailing details then sends it on, updating the thread here that they have it/have sent it/received it etc etc. And so on.

Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know on this thread. If it's a goer we can start the list of participants here and I'll get the ball rolling.


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