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Hello all,
Long time lurker, first time posting 馃榿
Recently become a huge fan of B&R having bought a few of their mechanical watches.
I鈥檓 looking to add a SuperQuartz watch to my collection to use as an everyday watch (please go easy on me!)
I鈥檓 hoping some of you knowledgable folk can help me out with some further information on the BRO3-88. I have the opportunity to purchase one at what appears to be a great price, however I cannot find any information on it online at all! Even the seller isn鈥檛 really sure. I鈥檝e contacted B+R UK who directed me to their London boutique. They have seen the watch before but we鈥檙e unable to provide any further details 馃槕. They did say it was extremely limited.

I thought maybe I鈥檇 find an old catalogue online with the specs but was unable to.

Question is, does this watch contain the same ETA movements that power the Breitling Aerospace (988.332 or 998.332). If so then it鈥檚 a relief that replacement parts should be easy to come by in the future. If not, what movement is it?

Any further info or even better first hand experiences with this watch would be much appreciated. Pic not my own.

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