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B&R Diver Military

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After falling in lust with a BR03-92 after seeing it on someone's wrist in 2010, and collecting a bunch of square watches that fit my pay grade at the time, I finally bought a B&R. I wasn't planning on it, but I was on a road trip and saw this Diver Military in the window of a great watch store in Carmel, CA, and that was it--no hesitation, this thing is beautiful. 11 years from then to now, and I never stopped being totally into these watches, so this is really a milestone watch.


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Nice pickup, Congrats, and enjoy the watch. I recalled seeing the phantom back in the day at Tourneau and that was when I wanted a B&R.

Currently have 4 in the rotation. Enjoy
Wow-you have four. What models are they?
I know—it’s amazing, and legible all night.
I have one B&R diver, it's the BR03-92 green bronze and the fit and finish are excellent and regulation is very good, nice collection you have and congrats on the new piece.
Thanks! Green bronze must look amazing.
I like it, this was shortly after I got it, the case back reminded me of my time on a submarine back in the early 80's when I was part of a dive team.
I was on a submarine once as well--quite an experience!
I haven't owned or worn any of the others you listed, but the B&R is a beautifully designed watch, the ceramic case has a great feel, the lume is out of this world (though I haven't tracked how long it lasts). I don't really think about watches as being a good or not so good buy, since at this level they're pure luxury. I guess I think about it more like:

  • Do I love the design? (looks, materials, build, etc.)
  • Are the features good enough at a basic level that it will work and hold up over time? (decent movement, good crystal, etc.)
  • Can I afford it/do I want to spend that amount?

The B&R checked all those boxes (although the "can I afford it" was pushing a bit).
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Absolutely. The ceramic has this feel that's really different from metal, it's a pleasure to put it on every time.
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Nice watch! Is the lume still legible in the middle of the night?
I think so. I can see that it’s still glowing when I walk by it, and my impression is that it stays legible longer than most of my watches, but I haven’t specifically tried to read the time on it far into the night.
Congratulations! You must be psyched. It uses spring bars.
Let’s see a pic!
Awesome. It’s such a great watch. And congratulations on your anniversary as well!
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@Delis, my wrist is 7.5", with fluctuation of about a quarter inch up or down depending on temperature, activity, etc. This is definitely a substantial watch—I like the feel of that. Here’s another pic, this time on the nylon strap it also comes with. I think it looks a bit bigger in the photo than it actually wears.
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I find the square B&R as comfortable as any other watch. In addition, the ceramic body has a silky feel that's a little different from a straight up metal watch, and really a pleasure to wear. However, I like big watches with heft, so you might feel differently depending on your preferences.
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