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B&R website - down for maintenance?

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For the past week or so, every time I try to visit I get a message saying the website is down for maintenance.

Seems strange. Anyone know what is going on with B&R?
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I know they had a breech. They sent out an email about it a few days ago. I’m sure that’s what it stems from.

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Hear something about a breech, perhaps updating acct. Info.

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Seems to still be down a few days later now. I did a quick search for news, but came up empty. Anyone seen anything further?
Interesting. I see nothing on their social media feeds - at least FB and Insta - that mention a breech.
Yeah weirdest thing ever for a reputable Swiss watchmaker... It’s been down for at least 10 days. Was trying to check on warranty of my Blue Bronze diver and dumbfounded to see that.
Seems to be back up, as of this morning.
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