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Re: B-Uhr Question

Not an expert, as well as Crusader, but I have a mind about this. The triangle at 12:00 of B-Uhren could had been used for indicating roughly the North anytime the watch was used as a solar compass. This symbol had been commonly used in many compasses for indicating the North.
To use a watch as a solar compass is quite simple: divide the present hour displayed by the watch in two (i.e.: if the hour hand of the watch points at 9:00 consider on the dial the radius between 4:00 and 5:00), then point the radius of the dial calculated above towards the sun. North direction is now indicated by the triangle at 12:00.
Of course, this method is approximated and do not takes in consideration the errors due to the EOT (equation of time, the civil time shown by a watch differs by the solar time moth by month. The correction to be made are known and reported on an abacus) and the local longitude (there is a correction of 4 minutes to be made for every degree of difference between the longitude of the position of the observer and the longitude of the central meridian of the local timezone of the observer, correction that is negative if local position is western respect the central meridian of the local timezone, positive if opposite).

The two dots, in my opinion, were used for aligning the second hand during synchronization of the watch with a master clock (i.e.: a radio signal).
All above are only opinions, I have no clues neither I'd been able to find any documentation...
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