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Contacted by Hitlnao (Tamby) for a watch he was interested in... he asked me to send him the invoice but then proceeded to string me along with questions and delayed responses. I cancelled the invoice after he stopped responding for some time. He then reached out to me again to re-send the invoice and said, "Anyways if you haven't sold it yet I'm down to send payment right now." and so I send him the invoice for a second time. I mean, usually when somebody says they're ready to send payment, they are ready to click the button. But then he delays another few hours and comes back at me with hesitancy and says he still needs to mull it over.

Don't care for folks who are tire kickers and time waster so just putting out a warning to those dealing with him pondering why he hasn't paid up yet.

Seemed like a nice enough guy but this was a dealbreaker for me after the second invoice. He tried to get me to send him another invoice and he would pay it when he made up his mind to buy it- but I don't send out invoices into the wild and just wait for somebody to pay willy-nilly. IMHO- would avoid dealing with him in the future.

Watch sold to another person who paid promptly and respectfully.
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