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Bad Timing

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Today is my wife's birthday and UPS shows up at our door with a package. Unfortunately it isn't a gift for my wife, rather it's a watch for me! Although I'm excited it really was poor timing. :-s I'm at work right now so I haven't opened the box and taken photos yet. It is a G8000 that I will dye black. I'll post photos after I complete the dye job.

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@ Xfactor,

I hope you like yours better than I like mine. functionwise the G-8000 has a great module, its probably one of casios best. I too once like that subdued olive green at pictures very much, but never could warm up with it in the flesh. I also think it doesn't fit me well, I'm just not into rectangle watch designs I suppose...

but the one point that really is annoying for me is the lack of the fifth light button. especially with this model I find it a pain in the a** to activate the el-backlight, the buttons are not accessible easy anyway even if you can see them, but at night it gets much worse. so mine ended in a drawer (not even sure where)

like I said, I hope you like yours better and have a lot of fun with it, enjoy :)

regards, holger

p.s. congratulation to your better half :)
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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