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Just like last year the number of events this year will be four, with a potential tie breaker if required being cumulative time for all four submissions.

We will run two events in sequence take a break for Christmas and New Years then resume to complete the last two just after New Years.

Each segment will run for a period of 48 hours. It is our hope this is sufficient time to complete these.

Each segment will start at 6pm (PST) on the scheduled date.

One submission per segment so double check before sending since there is only one shot. All submissions will be made via PM to samanator (Forum moderator). Please insure you keep the numbering straight.

Points will be awarded for the first six places (one more than last year) as follows:
1st – 6 points
2nd – 5 point
3rd - 4 points
4th – 3 points
5th – 2 points
6[SUP]th[/SUP] – 1 points

For each segment the first person with all the correct answers (Via PM) gets first, the next with all correct second…and so forth

If no one has all the correct answers (or we have an open place that we do not have a submission with all the correct answers) it will be based on most answers correct and then first submitted.

All places will use these systems criteria.

Segment points will be announced no later than 24 hours after the segment is complete.

Our schedule is as follows:
We’re off…Segment 1 starts 6pm (PST) on Monday December 17th – Who Said…All questions based on things said or shown here or found on the Toppers or web site.

Without pause to catch your breath we go right into segment 2 which starts at 6pm Wednesday December 19 th –This one caters to you Cross word masters. We have titled this one Everything at Least Twice With the Occasional Thrice. So this years twist is all of the answers are use two or three times. Again the duration for this one will be two days so entries will close at Friday at 6pm.
Now we break for a few days to rest your mind and enjoy the holidays.

Segment three starts at 6pm(PST) on Wednesday January 2nd. This will be a changed Lume contest made up of half identification and half Ball lume knowledge and technical questions. This segment will close on Friday January 4[SUP]th[/SUP] at 6pm.

The last sprint will be a photo challenge to identify elements from several Ball watches , which will start at 6pm (PST) on Friday January 4th. In this you will need to correctly identify the watch the element came from. This will finish at 6pm(PST) on Sunday January 6th.

If we have a clear first and second place we will call it here.

In the case of a tie we will use total cumulative time and the lowest total will win the place in contention. This is calculated as the total time from the launch of each segment to the point of the receipt of the submission in the moderator’s inbox for each segment.

Hope you have prepped yourself for this challenging event. Keep your eye on the prize, which will be a Ball Skindiver on a strap for first place. We will add the other prizes here prior to the contest.

You must be over 18 or over to win. Previous winners are eligible , but no the forum moderator or employee of Toppers is eligible.

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Just a heads up for tonight. Segment 1 will be posted as a PDF. So please make sure you have a some for of reader. I will try to post it also here from the word document, but I do not know if the pictures will show up that are some of the clues.

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We hope everyone has fun with this contest and it's always interesting to watch people do so well, no matter how hard we set the level of difficulty.

Other prizes
Second place --Topper 4.1 winder
Third place --- Ball bracelet excluding (hydrocarbon)
Fourth place Ball Alligator Strap
Fifth place Ball leather strap

Good Luck!
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