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Bape Bearbrick in peril!!!!

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After a beautiful evening together, Bape and his lady friend shared a kiss goodbye, "I'll call you" he whispered in her ear.

Just as she was about to head off, two rough looking Trexis appeared, one brandishing a bottle!!! Bape gripped his girl's hand, "it'll be ok, I'll handle this" he said.....

He leapt into action and headbutted the pink Trexi, the other Trexi snarled "I'm gonna throw your girlfriend in the mud, man!"

"Did someone say Mudman?" came a voice. They all turned quickly and there was Big Vintage, Red and Mr Green, they overpowered the Trexi Bullies and Bape's girl got home safely.

It's a jungle out there I tell ya, a jungle!!! :-d
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That was a champion story my youngest will love it
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