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Hi everybody!

I just visited the Baselworld fair last friday and would like to share some impressions and interesting infos with you:

First I would like to mention that the people at the Sinn boot were by far the nicest of all watchbrand representatives: my experience was that most representatives of the big watchbrands were acting quite arrogant unless you were wearing an armani suit! <|

In contrast to this, the people at Sinn were very obliging: as a big U-series fan, I was most interested in the U-bracelet. I couldn't find it in their showboxes, so I went in and asked about it. Hereupon they showed me a UX on bracelet and I was even able to handle it and put it on my wrist (usually, you are never allowed to touch any watches at the watch fair)! :-!:-!:-!
Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures but you surely all saw oyster's beautiful photos, and the people at Sinn told me that the official pics will be on their webside very soon. Nevertheless, I try to describe my impressions about the bracelet in words:

First I need to say that usually I'm not a big fan of bracelets. Especially dive watches I prefer on rubber straps. And concerning the U-barcelet, I was particularly sceptical because I couldn't believe that Sinn will be able to match the submarine steel colour while using only regular steel for the bracelet. Well, all my worries were completely unfounded: the U-bracelet looks simply AWESOME!! The solid endlinks (yes, they are solid but partly hollowed, for weight saving I guess...) perfectly fit the case and the whole bracelet is extremely well and exactly crafted. It is heavy but not too heavy, and it really feels solid as a tank chain! The allen screws look excellent and are much bigger than the usual screws used for bracelet ajustment. And I guess you could already see on oyster's pics that the links are much thicker than the ones used on most other Sinn bracelets. The divesuit extension is not only thicker and more solid as well, but also quite a bit longer than the ones on other bracelets. Another very nice feature about the clasp is the possibility for the fine ajustment of the bracelet lenght: there are three different possible holes to mount the bracelet to the buckle, so everybody should be able to find a perfect bracelet length. Oh, and last but not least the colour: it really matches the case colour almost perfectly (no idea how they did this...)!
So, if you were waiting for the bracelet but were concerned about the regular steel... don't worry! Go for it!! And the good thing about the regular steel is that it reduced the price: for 135 Euros this bracelet is a real bargain! My conclusion: I will order mine on monday, and I already can't wait to get it! ;-)

For the divers amongst us, there will also be another interesting strap option in the future: within the next year, Sinn will offer a velcro strap (similar to the ones IWC used on their famous ocean 2000 and the last Aquatimer model), allowing to wear the watch even over thick divesuits!
As a diver, I'm looking very foreward to this one as well!

Besides bracelet and strap options for the U series, I was also very interested in a possible U series chronograph. As I saw in another tread, I'm not the only one waiting for that one! So here are the good news: the U chrono is not only planned, but also already under construction! It is supposed to be water resistant to 1000m and the best of it: the pushers will be fully operational for the whole 1000m!! WOW!!! :-!:-!:-! This would be the new bench mark for mechanical chronos!
Unfortunately, they couldn't give me any infos about the movement they will use. But they said it will most likely not be the long awaited SZ01. However, I hope it will at least be this new movement they use in the 142 II, as IMHO a central minute hand is a must for a divers chrono (it's a shame the good old lemania 5100 is out of production...). No infos about the dial design and crown/pushers position either. If I could wish, I would prefer a reduced dial and left-side crown/pusher position (EZM1 style), but I guess we have to wait and see...! And here come the bad news: this U chrono will not be presented before next year's Baselworld fair! :-( But I guess it's well worth waiting for!! Meanwile, I'm enjoying my excellent U1...! :)

I mentioned the SZ01 movement: unfortunately, there is still no concrete release date! :-( But the people at Sinn told me that it's already in an intense testing phase. When it will be ready, it will be presented in a whole new model. Later it will be put in the 142 and in a 156 re-edition. Only after that, it will also be put in a new EZM1 (the U chrono will not replace the EZM1).
I hope it will be ready soon! Can't wait to see the whole new model with this whole new movement!!

Last but not least, a few words about the new 142 II model: well, I was a bit disapointed about this one. It was exposed next to the LE 142 Ti D1, and the old model simply looked nicer and more clear than the new one (eventhough I don't like the LE version with it's spaceshuttle logo instead of the third subdial...). IMHO, the forth subdial with the date is just too much. It makes the dial look way too busy and besides that, the date numbers are so small that the date is almost imossible to read (even at short distance). IMHO, it would have been better to leave out the date and stick with the three chrono subdials. Maybe Sinn will offer versions without the date dial later.

Hope these infos will be useful to some of you!
Wish you all a nice weekend!

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