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For the past several years I have visited Basel show and the first and last watch company I visit is always Stowa. I look forward to the visit each year and Mr. Schauer & Mrs. Hafner never disappointed me. Ofcourse, I also end up placing an order each year :)

This year was the same. When I read Mr. Schauer's post prior to the Basel visit, honestly, I was not all that excited to see the same chronograph I have on my wrist in a black dial with date or a chronograph Pilots watch. I was curious about the Durowe movement.

The Durowe movement and the silver dial Marine watch lived up to my expectation. I had seen this watch last year as well and it looked great this year as well. I am still hoping for a special finishing of the movement.

The calendar posters of the Durowe movement posted all around the walls were very impressive. I think this calendar "accessory" will be very popular. The artist did a fantastic job.

Next, I saw the Pilots chronograph. I had read some comments before the show and I had similar feelings that I am not sure what to make of this watch. Then I saw several Pilots chronograph at the show and they all looked alike - whether they had three or two sub-dials and PVD all black or rose gold. Stowa's Pilot chronograph stood out. It is clean, minimalistic, and functional.

Then I saw the black chronograph with date. I was blown away even though I had the same chronograph in different dial on my wrist. I should warn you that the pictures you see on the forum and in the Stowa shop come out much differently than the reality! The bronze numerals and hands on black dial are very stealthy. You cannot tell the time from far away but more than legible for the person wearing the watch. It fit my suit perfectly. Within the first 5 minutes I placed my order.

Having the set of both watches is like having Day and Night watches. Last year's chronograph matches more the relaxed weekend lifestyle with jeans. The black chronograph fits the formal suit or club jacket attire. If you thinking of buying this watch I'd recommend getting it on a black croco strap or the steel mesh strap.

I liked the Schauer Edition 12 very much again for its understated style and superior finish

My colleague David, who has been taking all the pictures during the show, was comparing the Antea, Marine, and the Antea KS models. As someone new to the watch world he was immediately impressed by the quality, design, and pricing of Stowa watches.

Stowa Basel visit is never complete without a nice cold beer ;-)

Cheers, Bhanu
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