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Dodane brand has been in existence with the Dodane family for some time, but it does not receive the same attention (perhaps due to lack of advertising and retail points) as Sinn, Stowa, Laco, and other aviation watch brands. This is the first time I visited Dodane in Basel and it was impressive.

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This year there were several variations of the Type 23 released by Dodane. The use of Low Light Level (LLL) was impressive where this treatment makes the dial visible on night flights, when the ambient luminescence is close to ultraviolet.

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Other Type 23 models included Flyback version, GMT version, Power Reserve version, and my favorite the Quartz - powered by an ETA 988.333 analog and digital display multifunction movement.

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Dodane had some of the old airplane and tank clocks and timers produced by them for the military. They partner with the military as well as Air France.

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