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RJ-Romain Jerome had some of the most entertaining watches at the Basel fair this year. But entertaining does not mean that they are not complicated - RJ infact uses complications to inject some fun in watchmaking.


RJ-Romain Jerome joins forces with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics' Batman. Introducing a new legend to its Collaborations collection, RJ-Romain Jerome pays tribute to Gotham City’s Super Hero with a timepiece inspired by the Dark Knight: the Batman-DNA.


Housed in a 46 mm black PVD-coated steel case, the black bezel has been machine-worked to showcase the bold and singular facets, recalling the angular contours of the “Batmobile.” The dial of the Batman-DNA mirrors the Gotham City Super Hero’s personality – raw, yet sophisticated. An eye-catching Batman emblem applique, lacquered in black, is placed at the center of the dial. The legendary “Bat-Signal”, shines at night thanks to an engraving, filled with black Superluminova, which outlines the hero’s famous symbol. The rest of the dial has undergone RJ-Romain Jerome’s special “rough” finish, giving the watch a dark and edgy look.


The RJ logo applique is placed at 12 o’clock, allowing each detail of the dial to stand out and amaze the wearer each time he looks at the watch. A black Hornback crocodile strap has also been added to the timepiece, resembling Batman’s avant-garde leather gear.
Additionally, an engraving of the Batman emblem can be found on the back of each watch, placed on a “rough” finished medallion, accentuating the darkness of the timepiece.


Limited to 75 pieces, the Batman-DNA celebrates the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. After seven and a half decades of entertaining fans through comic books and films, Gotham City’s Super Hero is now a piece of wearable art on the wrist!

Reference RJ.T.AU.WB.001.01 | Collection GENERATIONAL ICONS | Univers COLLABORATIONS
Caliber RJ001-A Mechanical self-winding movement
Frequency 28,800 A/h
Jewelling 23 jewels
Power reserve 42 hours
Water resistance 3 atm (30 meters)
Functions Central hours and minutes
Case Ø46 mm Black PVD-coated steel
Batman medallion engraved on the case back with RJ’s “rough” finish
Bezel Faceted Black PVD-coated steel, polished and satin-brushed
Dial Batman applique filled with black mat lacquer
“Graphite” effect engraving filled with black Superluminova C1 “blue emission”
Polished RJ logo applied on the dial
Paws Faceted, satin-finished black PVD-coated steel
Black satin-brushed hands with superluminova C1 “blue emission”
Strap - Black Hornback crocodile
Limited edition of 75 pieces
Retail price USD 18,500./ CHF 14,950./ EUR 14,950.

Steampunk Tourbillon

Embracing a provocative aesthetic, this new model shares the brand’s bold and hedonistic spirit and draws its inspiration from the raw energy that emanates from machines and engines from the early 20th Century.


The black-PVD case and lugs behold a 50mm Gunmetal steel bezel that has been brushed by hand giving it a unique finish. Infused with the Steampunks’ aesthetic, the complex dial is the result of a collision between an imaginary retro-futuristic world and technical innovation.

Each detail of the dial tells a story: at 12 o’clock, you will discover the off-centred minutes and hours indicator that has been subtly traced in light grey, while the satin brushed hands highlight the mechanics of the movement as time passes. At 3 o’clock, the “machine room” is revealed thanks to an intricate mechanism highlighting two “tooth-wheels” that turn to the rhythm of the movement. The power reserve indicator resembles the lever that regulates the speed on a steam boat and unveils the delicate perlage where the RJ logo is discreetly nested.


The timepieces’ heart is placed at 6 o’clock featuring a mechanical flying tourbillon that has been designed in the shape of an anchor with a power reserve of 48 hours. The tourbillon’s cage has been slightly raised to allow a perfect view of its complex structure. At 9 o’clock, we are reminded of steam-powered engines with a large titanium piston that is connected to the movement, allowing it to move up and down at a pace of 30 seconds in each direction. The full view of the dial evokes the image of a sophisticated steam room with an industrial touch thanks to its satin brushed finish.


The case back of the timepiece hides other design characteristics true to the Steampunk aesthetic. An anchor shaped component with beautiful “Côtes de Genève” decorations, holds the tourbillon cage together. The barrel at 12 o’clock in the shape of a sun has been brushed from the centre to its exterior, leaving a remarkable circular pattern. Each timepiece in this limited collection of 25 is finished with an exquisite Hornback alligator strap highlighting the darkness and complexity of the dial.

Limited edition 25 pieces
Retail price CHF 82,000 / EUR 89,950 / USD 99,950

The Subcraft

Manuel Emch, CEO of RJ Watches, reveals the brands new collaboration with famous watch designer, Alain Silberstein.


RJ-Romain Jerome’s new timepiece is the story of two contemporary visionaries that share the same inspiration for design. Friends for the past 15 years, Manuel Emch and Alain Silberstein have finally decided to lay down their ideas and develop together RJ-Romain Jerome’s latest creation: the Subcraft. Inspired by “fluid design”, the Subcraft reflects the absence of ornamentation and brings out the harmony that is found between form and function. This aerodynamic timepiece is also a representation of shapes found in Nature, for example - the majestic dance of a Manta Ray. Devoid of any straight lines, this time giving sculpture allows this futuristic concept to come to life with an innovative and highly sophisticated mechanism.


The Subcrafts’ flawless aquatic dance is the result of a meticulously crafted Grade 5 titanium or black PVD-coated titanium case. Designed to minimize resistance to motion, the case houses an ingenious mechanical movement created for RJ-Romain Jerome by Agenhor. The Subcraft hides its true heart under its smooth, flawless case, revealing Manuel Emch and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht’s mechanical collaboration with the creation of a unique movement that brings this new timepiece to life. This highly sophisticated movement combines four different complications – lateral, linear, jumping and retrograde – and represents one of the most complicated indications of time ever made to date.


On both models, the hour display is read laterally, under a cambered glass, highlighting the curves of the case to perfection. The minute display has been placed on the lid of the watch, under a black sphere glass mirroring the fluid design of the Subcraft. The minute counter has been traced in white featuring sporty designed numerals. Finally, the crown has been tucked at the extremity of the case creating a protective shell over it.


Additionally, an all new black smooth calf cuff embraces the unique shape of the Subcraft inducing the comfort of the watch. The cuff has been designed with an opening under the watch’s case-back, allowing the wearer to see the “RJ X Alain Silberstein” signature and which limited timepiece he owns, out of the 99 available worldwide.


Following the reunification in 1990, the East Side Gallery brought together 118 artists from around the globe to paint 1.3 km along the east side of the wall. Known as the longest open-air gallery in the world, this historical monument is also one of the most visited in Germany.


Threatened by pollution, vandalism or destruction, RJ-Romain Jerome has committed itself to preserving this historical emblem by contributing proceeds from the sale of the Berlin-DNA timepieces to the East Side Gallery.


The Berlin-DNA timepiece is housed in a 46mm black PVD-coated steel case and black ceramic bezel. Taken from above, the grey dial shows a section of Berlin outlining the three-dimensional streets and buildings. The dial is highlighted by the route of the Wall in red with a green Superluminova finish and a blue line recalling the Spree River. The design of the dial was inspired by the fall of the Wall, which occurred after the onset of darkness on the city. Therefore RJ-Romain Jerome has worked the entire dial in Superluminova allowing the streets and open spaces of the city to light up in the dark.

The collaboration with the East Side Gallery has allowed RJ-Romain Jerome to collect fragments of the wall which have been incorporated inside the dial of the timepiece - creating a unique piece of art, perpetuating contemporary history on the wrist.


The back of the watch, which is limited to 25 examples, beholds one of the most famous paintings found on the Wall of the East Side Gallery: “The Brother kiss" of Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel. Inspired by a picture taken in 1979, “The Kiss” illustrates Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honnecker, kissing each other after Mr. Brezhnev’s speech during the 30th anniversary of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik.


A print of this famous image lies on each case back. The watch also beholds a beautifully hand crafted black Hornback crocodile strap recalling the darkness of the case.
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